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Updated Feb 2, 2024

New Hampshire Hornpipe CD Reviews

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August 4, 1999

Hello Mr. Thomson,

Just letting you know I received your New Hampshire Hornpipe CD and I love it! Have you ever performed here on Long Island by any chance?

Thanks and good day!!!!!

C. R.

Commack, New York

April 22, 1999


I am really enjoying the cd! (New Hampshire Hornpipe) I am specifically seeking music that I can ride my horses in rhythm with the music. That means 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time? Some of the pieces on the cd I purchased from you are suitable and extremely original and fun!

Thank you very much!!


Groton, NY

September 3, 1998


Its really nice to know the inspiration for "March to Culloden." I listened to it last night with the repeat button set and it must have played for two or more hours. I really enjoyed hearing it! You are now on my Scottish Shelf with Battlefield Band, Charlie Zahm, Andy Stewart, Sill Wizard et al.


Chelmsford, MA

Celtic Beat Magazine, December 1998

"Ryan Thomson shows himself as a composer of great promise in this new CD. The tunes are fiddle pieces, created with dance in mind. This album is part of Ryan's long journey back from an injury to his right arm which would have finished off the fiddling of a lessor spirit. Ryan switched to the left arm -- and has since been growing and improving ever since. He sounded even better in Nashua. One cannot help but cheer and applaud Ryan Thomson. 

The compositions I liked on the CD were "Trip to Tarrytown," which is indebted to Irish tradition, as is also "Jig for Joe Leary." Nana's Birthday Polka" and the "Funky Jig" owe a debt to Scottish Country dance tunes. (Ryan has often been a regular at Strathspey and Reel Society Events) 

Perhaps the most autobiographical is the excellent composition "New Hampshire Hornpipe" so clearly out of the repertoire of Ryan's other bands: the Crawdad Wranglers and the Swing Pirates. Ryan is accompanied here by the gang from Crawdad Wranglers: Percussionist Paul Mangion, Bonesman Steve Brown, Bass Guitar Jeff Lind, also Susie Dean Miller on Guitar and Piano, and Mike Serpa on Bodhran"

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