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Updated Feb 2, 2024

Publication - Concertina and Squeezebox

by Ryan Thomson

Being an accordion player and collector of various styles of squeezeboxes, I was excited to discover this delightful publication which is described as "the international magazine for free reed enthusiasts." Although concentrating on concertinas, it also features information on various types of button and piano accordions. There's no wasted space and the 52 page issue that I reviewed(number 22, Spring, 1990) is pleasantly full of such curiosities as a concertina crossword puzzle, a review of a concertina and accordion repair video, and a feature entitled: "Squeezebox news from around the world." 


It also contains loads of illustrations, photographs, reviews, commentary, interviews, musical arrangements, and specialty advertising. Its the kind of magazine that will be saved rather than tossed out, and as a reference source that will be useful for years to come. Editor Joel Cowan offers back issues to 1983, and I can tell from the article titles that owning the complete set would probably supply me with the answer to just about any question I've ever had about squeezeboxes! 

Update, March, 1998:


I've received a letter from a reader that this publication is no longer in print. I know of no current source for back issues. I have however, heard a rumor that the back issues may be reprinted.

Written by Ryan Thomson, 1996

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