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Crawdad CD notes

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Cajun Dance Party Tonight!

vocals, accordion, fiddle, bass, guitar, drums, rubboard, triangle, trombone

These recordings were made from actual performances of the Crawdad Wranglers at dances

and music festivals. I particularly like this collection because it represents our sound from

the vantage of live audiences. This isn't a stale recording made in a studio where the parts

are recorded over and over until every note is perfect. What you hear is the real thing,

with a good dance groove, and I think you'll like it!!

This CD is perfect for traditional two step or cajun jitterbug dancing, with some cajun

waltzes thrown in for good measure! The sound quality is great but if you listen close,

you'll hear crowd noises, applause, occassional wind in the microphones, and band

members talking to each other between songs.

The Crawdad Wranglers are hired at a steady stream of events ranging from cajun dances,

outdoor festivals, to company picnics. Numerous listeners and dancers have requested a

recording of the band over the years. From live concert performances in New England I've

selected representative versions of the songs in our repertoire to create these albums.

The songs feature a live 5 - 6 piece band with myself on accordion and fiddle along with

guitar(Brian Richardson), bass(Jeff Lind), drums(Steve Brown), trombone(Fred Simmons)

and the traditional cajun percussion instruments: rubboard and triangle(Paul Mangion). If

you can't make it out to our next performance, this CD is the next best thing! ....Ryan

Thomson, band leader.

Band Reviews:

"A wild evening of food, music, and dancing!" ....Haverhill Gazette

"Cajun music and food set sizzling pace at party" ...Lawrence Eagle-Tribune

"Crawdads get crowd hoppin'"....Foster's Daily Democrat

"Sizzling!" ..."Dancers wrangle with Cajun style" ....Portsmouth Herald

"The Crawdad Wranglers are quietly building a reputation for themselves - at least, as

quietly as their Cajun-Zydeco sounds will allow. Which is, not very - especially after their

Boston Music Awards nomination" ....NH Seacoast Times

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